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    Jul 29 2019

The Last Slain

■ Fight Against the Immortal Dragon!Mark, the last warrior of the Slain to revenge on the Tyrant Gulamir who destroyed his tribeLeon, a fancy looking priest who wanders the continent in search of the girl that Primir The Ultimate prophesied.Scarlet, a mercenary with red hair who pursues the whereabouts of her missing friend, Kaine.3 heroes tangled up with destiny finally clash the immortal power of the dragon!■ Real-time Team Action RPGEnjoy the Real-time battles of 3 heroes: Mark, Leon and Scarlet against the dragon's armyEnjoy Simple and Easy control of 3 main charactersEnjoy Solving Difficulties by Replacing the leader during the battle for continuous use of skills■ Break the Boss!Armed with gigantic body and powerful ability, the enemy's boss will block your way.Put the boss into the Break State before it uses a powerful skill.The core of the boss battle is the strategy of effectively reducing the boss's break gauge.■ Change your Battle Style!Mark, Leon, and Scarlet have a variety of battle styles.Rushes against the enemy and gives a strong blow, AttackerFights stiffly and withstands the enemy attack, DefenderSpecially designed for the boss battles, reduces the break gauges from time to time, BreakerDamages many enemies at once, suits the annihilation battle, BursterWeakens enemies and strengthens friendly forces, leads the battle to the advantage, “Controller”Complete your own combination by studying the hero's battle style.■ Obtain, Salvage, Craft, Refine, and Reinforcement the Equipment!Weapons and equipment are a special blessing that has been given to men by Ram God of Braveness.If you obtain good equipment, first build your skill level until the equipment fits your body.Unnecessary equipment can be salvaged and crafted to other equipment.Add sockets to your favorite equipment and attach jewels that give extra abilities.The ability of the equipment can be changed at any time.Reinforcement the equipment at its MAX. EXP level will have more powerful abilities.■ Take over the legendary hero!Those who aim for gold hidden in the mines, the dragons' men who lost control and gone wild like banditsAnd the test of The Great Elemental Undra you will face.Explore the dungeon regularly and train your character to become a legendary hero.■ Purify the darkness that permeates the continent!Nox's Abyss is dominated by Nox God of Darkness, and nobody knows where it ends.In order to block the darkness that permeates the world, Nox's Abyss must be purified.Once you successfully clean the abyss, you will receive a special Rune to strengthen your skills.■ Retrieve the Treasures of a Fallen Kingdom!All the treasures of the dwarf kingdom destroyed in the last war have disappeared.Retrieve the treasures of the kingdom by killing the Dragon's Army champions who have shared the kingdom's treasures.Treasures of the kingdom will make the hero's equipment stronger.■ Lead the adventurers!Inn the Ram's Goblet is the place where you find a group of intrepid adventurers who yearn for the Brave Seven.While the main characters are active, remember that these adventurers are also struggling all over the Kalyma Continent.■ Official CommunityFacebook:
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