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    Mar 22 2024


Join the new open world action MMORPG Skylore — an exciting multiplayer role-playing game you can play online with friends that's full of magic, adventure, and a cozy atmosphere!Skylore has everything that players look for in a fantasy action MMORPG game with an open world: flexible character and equipment development systems to create unique heroes for multiplayer, a thrilling storyline and quests, an intricate open world, multiplayer games, PvP, PvE and PvPvE real-time multiplayer battles in both the open world as well as in special modes, boss battles, worldwide player chat, beautiful graphics, magic, quest, adventure, mmo rpg and so much more.***🤘 CREATE A HERO IN YOUR PLAY STYLETry out different classes, pvp, level up, and experiment with Talents, Abilities and Equipment to make your very own special hero for quest!• 6 playable races — various appearances to choose from.• 5 classes with different fighting mechanics — Guardian, Shadow, Hunter, Mage, and Alchemist.• Flexible rpg character development system — 150+ talents for each class, skill sets for different play styles mmo.• System for upgrading the equipment to create an ideal gear set.• Leveling up to the 34th level — without auto-battle and auto-questing — progress and victory depend only on your actions.• MMO RPG game with a character creator for multiplayer!⚔ FIGHT ONLINE IN THE OPEN WORLD GAMESProve your Mastery in multiplayer games!• Dungeon — a group PvE mode with tactical fights against monsters in constantly changing rpg locations.• Gorgor Contracts — a dynamic PvE mode to battle waves of monsters in specific locations.• Arena 3x3 — a team PvP mode in Tower Defense, Knockout or Headhunting formats with Leagues and Ratings.• Battlefield — a PvP mode in Battle Royale format.• Adamantine Grotto — a PvPvE location with quests and fights against monsters and other players at the same time.• Guild Wars — GvG events to battle other players in mmo open world games.🤝 COOPERATE TO SUCCEEDPlay co-op games with friends and other players — have much more fun and see more of the magic game's content!• Join a guild or create your own — run guild errands, go on raids against powerful bosses and participate in the Guild Wars.• Form a group of 4 to play with allies for role playing games.• Use matchmaking in special modes if you want to role-playing with random players.• Chats and friend lists — talk with players from all over the world rpg.🔮 ENJOY A VIVID UNIVERSE MMORPGThe constantly expanding open world rpg of Arinar and Skylore, so bright and detailed!• Authentic story with 50+ storylines and 150+ additional quests, 200+ daily quests and 7 dynamically changing zones.• Two different storylines linked to the various races. Complete them both to understand the whole plot!• Twelve large territories (dungeon) and 70+ locations.• Astonishing graphics, open world rpg, animation, adventure, magic, effects, sounds and music.💭 JOIN OUR COMMUNITY• Discord:• Forum:• Facebook: is an open world MMORPG online that takes all your favorite features from game genres such as RPG games, 2D / pseudo 3D MMORPG, adventure and in general cooperative games that you can play online with your friends! With an exciting MMORPG fantasy open world games , PvE and PvP multiplayer; Skylore is a MMO action RPG you can play online with or without friends right now!If you experience any technical issues, please contact us at [email protected].***• EULA:• Rules of conduct: