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PlayScore 2 1.5.16 APK

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    Mar 02 2023

PlayScore 2

Play all kinds of music direct from photos, images and PDF scores. Snap music with your camera (requires a good camera) or import images and PDFs. PlayScore will play it right back to you, scrolling through the song, following measure by measure
* Adjust volume, instrument and transposition for each staff
* Create Playable Score Documents that anyone can play back using our free player (built into PlayScore 2)
* Export Full Notation MusicXML to score editors like Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore and Dorico
Supports dynamics, articulation, trills, turns, repeats, slurs etc, even tremolo (full spec below)
PlayScore 2 reads and plays all kinds of music straight off the page such as:
* Songs
* Piano, organ, guitar
* Hymns
* Solos and Sonatas
* Chamber and orchestral
(please see online help for exclusions)
Choirs and ensembles - Learning a new piece? Create a Playable Score, so each member can listen to their part on its own or standing out from the others.
Orchestrate your score with 18 high quality instruments per staff to choose from
Interact with the music:
• Change tempo (even while playing)
• Tap anywhere to play, or drag with a finger to create a loop
• Mute and adjust volume, and change instrument for each staff individually
• Transpose the whole song or by instrument (transposing instruments)
• Or select Auto-transpose and let PlayScore do it for you!
• Adjust dynamic range
• Playback in swing style
PlayScore 2 makes it easy to create multi-page Playable Scores:
• Rearrange recapture or delete pages
• Select a page range in a long PDF
• Clip and mask to remove unwanted material (eg where one song ands and another begins on the same page)
• Adjust recognition system to optimise quality
Organise your Playable Score Documents - The PlayScore 2 Documents screen shows all your playable scores, sorted and searchable by Title or Composer.
Without a subscription you can
• Play and interact with any PlayScore playable Score
• Play single pages of music in 1 or 2 staves per system from a photo
• Create and share single page playable documents
PlayScore 2 Productivity subscription
• Create and play multi-staff, multi-page scores captured with the camera or imported as images
• Export your documents for anyone to play and interact with using our free player
• Interact with scores, cater for transposing instruments, export MIDI files
PlayScore 2 Professional subscription
Create Playable Score documents from PDF scores that anyone can play (using the free version of PlayScore 2)
Export any score as MIDI and MusicXML containing full notation
Productivity and Professional versions are available as 1-month or 12-month auto-renewing subscriptions.
Important: Sharing copyrighted music without the copyright holder's permission is illegal
PlayScore 2 recognises full music notation:
Bars, notes, rests, accidentals, double accidentals
Tuplets: duplets, triplets, sextuplets, 5s, 7s etc, marked or implied
Staff bracketing: grand staff braces and other bracketing
Measures: double bars, repeats, 1st and 2nd ending, bars spanning systems and pages
Anacruses, complement anacruses
Dynamics: f, ff, fff, fz, fp, mf, p etc
Hairpins (crescendo and diminuendo)
Articulation: >, ^, . tenuto etc
Ornaments trills, turns, mordents, arpeggiation etc
Tremolo: strikethrough, alternating, beamed white notes etc
Special symbols: fermata, ottava 8va, repeat-bar etc
slurs, ties
Clefs (system and inline): treble, bass, tenor, alto, soprano etc
Key and time signatures system and inline
Terms of use:
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Version : 1.5.16 for Android 6.0 or higher

Update on : 2023-01-30

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PlayScore 2 1.1.0 for Android 6.0 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.1.0 for Android 6.0 or higher

Update on : 2020-12-16

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