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    Mar 11 2023

Ludo 6

Ludo6, a legendary game played & loved by millions of online players around the globe, a popular game of royals, feel an adventure of winning the game with a strategy, dice and your luck! become a Ludo leaderboard king! supports Desktop, Android, iOS and Windows mobile platform.Trendy Ludo6 comprises of the sleek designs with new Avtars, having online, offline, multiplayer, computer modes. Giving you hours of fun and enjoyment, from kids to elderly, even celebrities can't resist themselves to play Ludo6, Download your game now!Your favorite, Classical Modern-day Ludo6 having its roots and origination in the 6th century medieval India famous with the name Pachisi and variant as Parcheesi, Chaupal, Chopat, or Chaupur. The earliest evidence of this game evolution in India is the depiction of boards on the caves of Ellora. Latest version as we describe as Ludo, was played by the Mughals emperors of India, later on modified to use a cubic die with dice cup and patented as "Ludo" in England in 1896.★ Exciting new⁎ Play game with Real-time chat option ( Share fun with your buddies)⁎ Deadlock move (No cheating allowed!)⁎ Got a call? pause & play the game.⁎ Earn worldwide friends.⁎ Challenge friends on Facebook!⁎ Seamless online connections⁎ Got the epic game? Save the memories, save the game!⁎ Leaderboard Rankings with XP and level up system⁎ Sleek UI/UX⁎ Multi language support! (Coming soon)⁎ low-end devices supported⁎ Fixes and Features improvementsPlay Ludo6 just like kings and queens playing in ancient times. Turn the Ludo dice and advance your gems to arrive at the center of the Ludo board. Leave others behind, become the Ludo6. Showcase your competition★ Features of Ludo6:⁎ Sharpen your mind, make strategies!⁎ No internet? No worries! Play against the system on your phone.⁎ Play along with family and friends via Local and Online Multiplayer.⁎ 2 to 6 Local Multiplayer Mode.⁎ Play Online Multiplayer Mode via 9 competing game rooms.⁎ Send Challenge to Facebook Friends in a private game and compete to become Ludo6.⁎ Play with world Gamers and make them your friends.⁎ Separate chat room for your Facebook friends & Fellows.⁎ Emojis for your reactions to opponents. ⁎ Play Snake & Ladders with 7 diverse gameboard variants.⁎ Easy to understand rules for players of all ages.⁎ Rich & classic look of Ludo, to ace the game royally.Ludo6 a family game! For the all age group of player, kids to elderly. In Old times played by Royals and now it can be enjoyed by you, your family, friends & colleagues. Ludo might seem simplistic at first glance, The game of Ludo is interestingly delightful and challenging once you dive into. You'll be playing this Ludo for hours and its fun for the whole family. Beat opponents and compete to achieve the rank on the Ludo community leaderboards.Perfect time-pass game for children, Sharp your minds and make strategies with Ludo game. You might have played Ludo in your childhood on a blackboard, now play on your phone and tablet.Snake & Ladders an another lightweight game. Same as the Ludo, you may have played this board game when you were kids. Our Ludo game pack brings this classic game to the next level. Soul of the game is simple: Start on 1st place and you need to be the first one to make it on 100th step. You can only move the steps, as per the numbers you roll on a dice. As its name speaks itself, the board is jumbled with snakes and ladders. If you jump on the same square as the start of a ladder, then you can take the ladder shortcut and move on up. However, if you jumped on the mouth of a snake, then your place goes to its tail. A game of ups & down. Snakes and Ladders game has been popular for ages; and now you can play it digitally, with Ludo games. Get ready to roll the dice! Mark your moves and set yourself as a Ludo6 Champion.
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Ludo 6 1.2.1 for Android 4.4 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.2.1 for Android 4.4 or higher

Update on : 2023-02-16

Download APK (19.93 MB)

Ludo 6 1.2.0 for Android 4.4 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.2.0 for Android 4.4 or higher

Update on : 2022-02-15

Download APK (14.39 MB)

Ludo 6 1.0.3 for Android 4.0.3 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.0.3 for Android 4.0.3 or higher

Update on : 2019-09-28

Download APK (11.92 MB)