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    Jan 10 2024

Layer Man

Yo, check it out! Layer Man is an insanely exciting hyper-casual mobile game that guarantees players an entertaining and addictive experience. The game is all about a stickman runner who races through a crowded runway to collect as many hoops as possible without hitting any obstacles.One of the most awesome things about the game is how simple it is. All you gotta do is collect layers scattered throughout the runway to build a slinky toy. The more layers you collect, the longer the slinky toy becomes, which can give you a sweet boost on the final stage of the level. It's easy to understand, but challenging to master, which keeps things interesting.As you're running through the runway, you gotta navigate through various obstacles to avoid collisions. If you bump into an obstacle, you lose some hoops, which ain't cool for your overall score. That's why it's crucial to keep collecting hoops and dodging obstacles like a boss.And to make things even more exciting, Layer Man has multiple levels with increasing difficulty. You gotta step up your game and navigate through these levels, collecting layers and avoiding obstacles like a pro, to become one of the masters of the game.But wait, there's more! Layer Man isn't just a fun game to play. It also tests your reflexes, concentration, and agility. As you progress through the game, you gotta hone these skills to succeed, which is a dope opportunity to boost your attributes.The graphics of Layer Man are visually appealing, with vibrant colors and a smooth interface, making it an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. The game's design is both fun and intuitive, which makes it easy to pick up and play for anyone who's interested.So, what are you waiting for? Download Layer Man now and put your running skills to the test. Collect as many layers as you can, avoid obstacles, and win the game! Whether you're looking for a fun way to pass the time or you're an experienced gamer, Layer Man is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.
Layer Man APK Version History
Layer Man 2.1 for Android 5.1 or higher APK Download

Version : 2.1 for Android 5.1 or higher

Update on : 2024-01-10

Download APK (71.33 MB)

Layer Man 1.9.3 for Android 5.1 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.9.3 for Android 5.1 or higher

Update on : 2023-10-07

Download APK (132.97 MB)

Layer Man 1.5 for Android 5.1 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.5 for Android 5.1 or higher

Update on : 2023-07-04

Download APK (115.44 MB)