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    Outline Games

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    May 09 2016

Last Stand

You’re pinned down, the zombie mob advancing on your stronghold. Protect yourself any way you can!

The more you destroy and the more blockades you build, the more money you will win to increase your chances of living on! This is your last chance to survive. This is your Last Stand.

Last Stand combines arcade action with strategy and tower defence.

Find a place to make your stand!

Draw your weapon and pick your target!

Shred the mob with numerous weapons, tools and traps!

Your arsenal with the cash that you earn!

MULTIPLAYER - Team up with a friend via WIFI!

9 different guns, including pistols, machine guns and rocket launcher

Deployable defence towers

Lay trip mines and explosives

Repair your barricades to slow advancing zombies and earn cash

Unique modal control system lets you aim precisely and make every bullet count

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Note to Nexus One users - use the trackball to shoot. Otherwise you may find yourself running straight at your target, on occasion.

Supports App2SD