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Hello Granny Scary Teacher 2 1.5 APK

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    Dec 10 2021

Hello Granny Scary Teacher 2

It's time to take revenge from your scary teacher! Let's scare your worst school teacher by stealing papers and frightening pranks.
Hello Granny Scary Teacher is a 3d video game to entertain students. Some of our school teachers are creepy as they can't bear you laughing or smiling. That creepy and scary teacher torture students by punishing them. Here you can irritate her by performing different activities. You can do all the things that you may not do in real life.
Hello Granny Scary Teacher game helps students to do their desiring tasks. Stealing papers has always been mysterious for kids. The game is about it. You wander into your teacher house as a ghost and have to steal the papers from hidden places. You can also play some amusing pranks with her. Scare your weird school teacher with your funny horrifying tricks. In this act you must have to be careful to not come across with your evil teacher. The game is full of exciting challenges and entertaining stuff. You have to complete your given mission within time to earn coins by which you can enter into the next level. As the level increases the missions become more and more tickling.
The 3d graphics of the game keep you indulge in your missions. The house has many rooms where you find papers. The scary teacher character describes its wickedness. Smooth moving controller helps you to move around and finish your task.
* Realistic house environment
* Open world style
* Smooth controller
* Numerous buttons to move
* Different pranking equipment
* Virtual Horrible teacher character
* A naughty boy
* Playing sounds
* Horror background music
Step up and help the playful boy to take revenge from his creepy teacher. Different mischievous pranks add some entertainment and amusement to your game. Spend your leisure time completing funny missions.
Play the game, share your rank with your friends and don’t forget to give us reviews on critical forums.
Hello Granny Scary Teacher 2 APK Version History
Hello Granny Scary Teacher 2 1.5 for Android 4.4w or higher APK Download

Version : 1.5 for Android 4.4w or higher

Update on : 2021-12-10

Download APK (63.53 MB)

Hello Granny Scary Teacher 2 1.0.2 for Android 4.3 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.0.2 for Android 4.3 or higher

Update on : 2020-08-25

Download APK (55.47 MB)