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    Oct 30 2023

aDSP Player

Effects:* Parametric equalizer.* Surround.* Volume normalization.* HQ resampler* MultiBand indicator (visual effect)Supported audio formats:OGG / Vorbis, mpeg1layer3 (mp3), Musepack (mpc), FLAC, APE, WV (WavPack), AACSupported audio output plugins:* OpenSL ES (on android ™ 2.3 or newer)* AAudio (on android ™ 8.1 or newer)* AudioTrack Java level* AudioTrack native level (it is not stable because it uses non public API)Supported playback from:* NFSv3 server (insecure option is required in the /etc/exports)=============The player does not use sound effects provided by the platform, so equalizer can have more than 5 (or 10, or more) bands). You can create a bass booster based on the PEQ filter and add it to the audio processing chain (you can add multiple instances of the same type of filter.Player provides scrollable seekbar. It helps to use player with long audio records (that were recorded by voice recorder). SeekBar is switched by long click.The Player supports playback of internet radio. You can add/edit urls to the internal data base.Sound effects:1. (PEQ) Parametric EQ (you can add or remove band and set the frequency and bandwidth). You can load settings for added filters (It can be done from the menu that opens by long click on the filter in the list).2. (Simple surround) Simple surround effects (Filter provides filling of listening via external speakers when you listen to music through headphones) (3D sound). (Filter under development).3. (Volume normalizer) Filter compresses dynamic range.It is useful when you listen to music in noisy places (bus, train and etc).You can set the parameters of filter for you and save your configuration.Visual effects:1. (MBI) Multiband indicator (looks like a multi-band indicator on the stereo systems, that were made in the '90s).You can open the nearest previous PEQ settings with MBI on the main screen by click on the MBI on the main screen.=================================================NOTES:1. Turn off the application that controls the sound settings (equalizers with 5 bands, etc.). They make sound worse.2. Presented audio effects process data only from this player (Effects are not applied for other players).3. Some audio output plugins use private API (Native AudioTrack *), so they can be unstable (But if it works better than OpenSL you can use it)May you pleasant listening to music.
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aDSP Player for Android 4.4 or higher APK Download

Version : for Android 4.4 or higher

Update on : 2023-06-13

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Version : for Android 2.1 or higher

Update on : 2022-02-16

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aDSP Player for Android 2.1 or higher APK Download

Version : for Android 2.1 or higher

Update on : 2020-01-24

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